Weather Warriors: How Planta Greenhouses Excel in Extreme Conditions

Imagine waking up to a garden that's survived the night's howling winds or the heavy blanket of snow from a winter storm, all thanks to your greenhouse.

These robust structures are your front-line defense against unpredictable weather, ensuring your gardening passion thrives year-round.

We're thrilled to bring you inspiring stories from fellow green thumbs, highlighting how their Planta Greenhouses have become reliable protectors of their gardening dreams, even against the most challenging climates.

What Are Planta Greenhouses Capable of?

Planta Greenhouses stand out for their durable construction. Their sturdy polycarbonate panels and galvanized steel frame are the secret sauce, offering unbeatable protection against winds up to 65mph and up to 6 feet of fresh snow.

While these specifications offer a glimpse into their capabilities, the real proof lies in the experiences of gardeners who have put these greenhouses to the test. Let’s explore some of their captivating stories.

1. High Winds: Beyond the Design Limits

Planta Greenhouses rise to the challenge when high winds push their limits. Tammy Welin from Ottawa marvels about her Sungrow 26: "The fact that it withstands 120km winds and does not even shudder is incredible." Patrick Myers' experience in Sedalia, Colorado, was a test of endurance. Facing 80 mph winds, he feared for his Sungrow 20. "It was the craziest thing I have ever been through... but the greenhouse held up to that no problem."

2. Heavy Snow: A Weighty Challenge

Snow poses a unique challenge, pushing the limits of any greenhouse's strength. Planta Greenhouses, however, have effortlessly supported the weight of heavy snowfalls, much to the relief of their owners.

Raymond Greene, from Nevada City, California, shares his experience: "We just received a total of 24” of snow...the greenhouse did fantastic!" Similarly, April Westfall in South Lake Tahoe, California, praises her Sungrow Compact's resilience: "Sturdy to last through snowy winters...We just got a huge snowstorm over Christmas that dumped almost 6 feet of snow in 5 days. Our little greenhouse stands unmoved, protecting my plants."


3. Hurricanes: The Ultimate Endurance Test

When hurricanes unleash their might, the true strength of a structure is tested. Karen Wight's harrowing night during Hurricane Fiona on Prince Edward Island is a case in point. She recalls, “We lost over 100 trees on our property, including one that the tip landed on our new greenhouse.”

Miraculously, despite the onslaught of 150 km/h winds and a direct hit from a tree, her greenhouse stood strong, suffering only minor damage to a panel that was swiftly fixed. Karen's story is a testament to the incredible resilience of Planta Greenhouses, designed to weather the storm and come out standing.

4. Tornados: Surviving the Vortex

In the face of tornadoes, Planta Greenhouses have demonstrated remarkable resilience. Imagine a tornado sweeping through Texas, powerful enough to uproot massive trees and relocate sheds across properties. Amidst this turmoil, Jeremy Renaud's Sungrow Planta Greenhouse, spanning 32 feet and equipped with 8 auto windows, stood its ground.

Despite the windows being unlocked and the storm's ferocity, the greenhouse emerged undamaged. This incident not only underscores the exceptional durability of Planta Greenhouses but also showcases the importance of skilled installation.

5. Hail: Defying the Elements

When hail comes knocking, Planta Greenhouses stand firm. Imagine golf ball-sized hail pelting down; it's a scenario Yubo Zhen in Alberta faced without a single dent to his Sungrow 32, proving these greenhouses are tough as nails.

But the real jaw-dropper? Kirt & Brenda Kisling's story from Colorado. They faced a hailstorm so fierce it left their vinyl fence with thousands of dollars worth of damage, yet their Sungrow 20 greenhouse emerged with only minor surface marks and no punctures. Stories like these highlight how much Planta Greenhouses can handle, keeping your garden safe and sound, no matter what the weather throws at it.

Your Garden’s Guardian

The stories of our customers paint a vivid picture of the resilience Planta Greenhouses bring to your garden. They're more than just structures; they're reliable guardians against nature's extremes.

While no greenhouse is indestructible, the experiences shared by our gardening community show that the limits have been tested time and time again.

Are you dreaming of a greenhouse that will support your gardening passion, come wind, snow, or hail? Let the real-life adventures of fellow gardeners guide you.

Explore our range of DIY Greenhouse Kits, or soak up more heartwarming customer stories and discover how a Planta Greenhouse can offer peace of mind and a haven for your plants, season after season.

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